Film Art and Academic Study of Cinema in Japan

Eigei435The newest issue of Eiga geijutsu (映画芸術 Film Art, number 435, Spring 2011) features a special section on cinema in the classroom. In addition to roundtable discussions (zadankai) featuring Suwa Nobuhiro, Hayashi Kaizo, Tengan Daisuke, Mukai Yosuke and Matsue Tetsuaki, as well as an essay by Terawaki Ken and a questionnaire on whether film can be taught in school, there is a zadankai entitled "Film Studies: Its Presence and Direction" (Eigagaku, genzaisei to hokosei) featuring Tanaka Masumi, Tsuchida Tamaki, Izuno Chita, and yours truly. It was a quite fruitful discussion, recorded the night before the earthquake, and nicely balanced opinions both positive towards and critical against the development of academic film studies in Japan. 

I should note that the issue also features essays in honor of the recently deceased director Ikeda Toshiharu and an introduction to Sakamoto Junji's new film, Oshikamura sodoki

You can purchase the issue through the Japanese Amazon.

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