I’m still kind of embarrassed creating a site with my own name in the address, so the least I can do is give it an extra name, honoring one of my favorite characters from Japanese cinema: Tange Sazen, the one-armed, one-eyed ronin most famously played by the great Okochi Denjiro.

This site introduces some of my research on Japanese film as well as offers tidbits of news and opinion on Japan and its cinema. I focus mostly on English-language resources, but I have a Japanese (日本語) section that introduces some of my activities in Japanese. I also will soon upload full copies of some of my older articles.


I teach Japanese cinema and culture at Yale University in the USA, where in particular I help run a unique combined doctoral program in East Asian cinema between the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures and the Film Studies Program. I received a MFA in film studies from Columbia University, a MA in Asian Civilizations from the University of Iowa, and a PhD in Communication Studies from Iowa. I spent nearly 12 years in Japan working for the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival and teaching at Yokohama National University and Meiji Gakuin University. I have published numerous works in English, Japanese and other languages on such topics as Japanese early cinema, contemporary directors, film genre, censorship, Japanese manga, and cinematic representations of minorities. I wrote film reviews for the Daily Yomiuri newspaper for nearly 12 years and selected the best ten Japanese films of the year for Eiga geijutsu, one of Japan’s longest running film magazines. My most recent books are on early Japanese film cultureKitano Takeshi and A Page of Madness. I've also written the Research Guide to Japanese Film Studies with Abé Mark Nornes. A short CV is available at Yale. You can also try a search for "Aaron Gerow" on Amazon.

A Note

As some of you know, I have long been inserting links to Amazon for my books and the things I introduce. It's been worrying me for a long time, and Amazon's recent monopolistic actions have only underlined my fears about supporting that occasionally obnoxious giant. So I've decided to try linking up to Powell's Books, a large but independent bookstore in Portland, Oregon. I've shopped at Powell's since I was a kid (first at the Hyde Park store, which is in a separate network but was founded by the same people), and also at the Portland store now that my family is now mostly in that city. Some links to Amazon will remain (I can't change them all), but I encourage you to support your independent bookstore.

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