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Japanese Film Studies on the Yale Repository

Over the years, I have been trying to make available my research to those who need it through various means. 

One is simply this site, which I started not just to opine about this or that subject, but to introduce my research and direct people to where to find it. So the sections on Internet Articles and Interviews feature links to many my pieces that are online.

I also have been making some of what I have written available online in PDF format. I initially started doing that on (here is my page), but not only is that site clunky and hard to use, it is also a for-profit corporation, and I don’t see why I should enable a corporation to make money using my research as one of the products they “sell.” Yes, they “give” me “exposure,” but that can seem not too far from those companies that ask young artists to contribute their work for free in exchange for getting “exposure."

So increasingly I have been using the Yale repository to make my research available. Here is my page there. And here are a few items I posted recently:

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