Roots of Japanese Anime Trailer

My wife uploaded the trailer for The Roots of Japanese Anime, her new DVD at Zakka Films, onto YouTube. It's not that great, but it is one of my few moving image creations. I'm still not that happy with the timing or the transitions, but she gave me just a few clips and I worked with what I had. I did it using iMovie, which itself has limitations in the use of titles and other tools. But it was fun to play with it (especially manipulating the sound). My wife got a copy of FInal Cut Express for Christmas, so we should be able to do some more next time around.

By the way, some reviews have started appearing for The Roots of Japanese Anime, such as one here. That one was much appreciated, but it was less a review than a summary of the booklet. Can't people be a bit more original in their reviews? 

I'm off to the UK today for a conference on Okinawa at Sheffield. I'll give an updated version of my piece in Islands of Discontent.

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