Ozu Yasujiro Retrospective at Yale

Sorry again for the lack of posts. Classes have finally started at Yale, but I have been mostly consumed finishing up a guide to studying Japanese film with Markus Nornes. We finally turned in the manuscript this weekend. This semester I'm teach the intro to film studies course and Japanese film after 1960 and it looks like I have a good bunch of students in both.

This semester will not be as full of events as with my summer class in Tokyo, but we are doing an Ozu retro this fall. This is nothing groundbreaking, but after a couple semesters programming great films that few people know about (and which thus unfortunately don't bring many people), I thought we should sit back a bit and look a bit more at a classical director. It it will be nice to bring in a larger audience to think about some superb Japanese films.

Here is the announcement:

The Council on East Asian Studies at Yale University and the Cinema at the Whitney are pleased to present

OZU Yasujiro Retrospective

Universally considered to be one of the great masters of Japanese (or any) cinema, Ozu Yasujiro had a remarkable career that crossed five decades.  This weekly retrospective, co-sponsored by the Cinema at the Whitney, will provide a rare opportunity to see films from all periods of Ozu's career, drawing attention to his playful humor as well as his formal genius and profound understanding of shifting family relations.  All films will be screened in new 35mm prints.

All screenings are at the Whitney Humanities Center Auditorium, 53 Wall Street.

Opening night Friday, September 19th

7:00 PM             Early Summer / Bakushu (1951, 112 minutes)

                            A Straightforward Boy / Tokkan Kozo (1929, 14-minute short, silent)

9:00 PM              Make Way for Tomorrow, Director Leo McCarey (1937, 91 minutes)

Thursday, September 25th

8:00 PM              Late Autumn / Akibiyori  (1960, 125 minutes)

Thursday, October 2nd

8:00 PM              The Lady and the Beard / Shukujo to hige (1931, 76 minutes, silent)

9:15 PM              I Flunked, But... / Rakudai wa shita keredo. (1930, 64 minutes, silent)

I Graduated But... / Daigaku wa deta keredo (1930, 11 minute fragment, silent)

Thursday, October 9th

8:00 PM             Walk Cheerfully / Hogaraku ni ayume (1930, 90 minutes, silent)

9:15 PM              The Only Son / Hitori musuko (1936, 87 minutes)

Thursday, October 23rd

8:00 PM             There Was a Father / Chichi ariki (1942, 92 minutes)

9:30 PM             A Hen in the Wind / Kaze no naka no mendori (1948, 85 minutes)

Thursday, October 30th

8:00 PM             Tokyo Story / Tokyo monogatari (1953, 132 minutes)

Thursday, November 6th

8:00 PM             Tokyo Twilight / Tokyo boshoku  (1957, 140 minutes)

Thursday, November 13th

8:00 PM             Good Morning / Ohayo (1959, 94 minutes)

For a complete program, visit: http://research.yale.edu/eastasianstudies/events.php

If you are near New Haven, please drop by!

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