Oshima and the Postwar Image

I've been meaning to mention this for some time, but two books recently came out on postwar Japanese film and media that are worth taking a look at.

Imeji toshite no sengoイメージとしての戦後』, eds. Tsuboi Hideto and Fujiki Hideaki (Seikyusha, 2010).

This features articles on a variety of media, but of particular interest are those on Tezuka Osamu (by Tom Lamarre), Ozu Yasujiro (by Dogase Masato), Oshii Mamoru (by Mizukawa Hirofumi), robot manga (by Baba Nobuhiko), and Mizoguchi Kenji's Akasen chitai (by Nakamura Hideyuki).

Yomota Inuhiko, Oshima Nagisa to Nihon大島渚と日本』  (Chikuma Shobo, 2010).

This, as the obi announces, questions whether translating the Japanese "to" as "and" is really appropriate for considering Oshima's relation to Japan, and then asks whether "versus" is not a better option. Yomota is arguably the best scholar on Oshima in Japan today.

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