Mainichi Film Awards 2010

The Mainichi newspaper has announced the results of the 2010 Mainichi Film Awards (aka the Mainichi Concours):

Best Japanese Film: Villain (Lee Sang-il)
Award of Excellence in Japanese Film: Haru's Journey (Kobayashi Masahiro)
Best Foreign Film: Breathless

Best Director: Miike Takashi (13 Assassins)
Best Screenplay: Sato Yuki (Heaven's Story)
Best Actor: Tsutsumi Shin'ichi (A Lone Scalpel)
Best Actress: Terajima Shinobu (Caterpillar)
Best Supporting Actor: Inagaki Goro (13 Assassins)
Best Supporting Actress: Natsukawa Yui (A Lone Scalpel)
Best New Face Award: Endo Kaname (Yellow Kid), Tokunaga Eira (Haru's Journey)
Tanaka Kinuyo Award: 
Enami Kyoko

Best Cinematography: Kondo Ryuto (Sketches of Kaitan City)
Best Art Direction: Kondo Nariyuki (Abacus and Sword)
Best Music: Jim O'Rourke (Sketches of Kaitan City)
Best Sound: Nakamura Jun (13 Assassins)
Best Technical Award: none

Best Documentary: none
Animation Award: Colorful (Hara Keiichi)
Ofuji Noburo Award: none
Fan Award: 
Umizaru 3: The Last Message

Special Award: Takamine Hideko

The Mainichi tends to be fairly conservative, but they are one of the few major awards that also focuses on the technical staff and other genres like documentary and animation. This year, however, they seemed reluctant to give out documentary and anime awards. 

You can compare their results to that of Kinema Junpo.

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