From Kon Satoshi to Kawamoto Kihachiro

I, like many others, was shocked at the sudden death of the animation director, Kon Satoshi, director of such challenging and influential works as Perfect Blue and Paprika. His passing was all too soon and his bravery in the face of death inspiring. 

But it would be a shame if we don't equally mourn the passing of another animation giant who passed away the same week, Kawamoto Kihachiro, who died on August 23rd of pneumonia. He was 85. Kawamoto was one of the deans of puppet animation alongside Okamoto Tadanari, having learned from greats such as Mochinaga Tadahito and Jiri Trinka. His brilliant work is often ignored in the craze for "anime," but that is the loss of those who have not viewed his wonderful legacy. A few works have come out on DVD, such as The Book of the Dead and some of his short pieces in the The Exquisite Short Films of Kihachiro Kawamoto (1968-1979) collection. I urge everyone to take a look at them. Please also check out his wonderful homepage at Sakura Eigasha. 

Gomeifuku o oinori moshiagemasu. 

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