Center for Japanese Studies Publications

The Center for Japanese Studies at the University of Michigan, the publisher of a couple of my books, has started up a brand new website that makes it a lot easier to learn about and order their publications. Their previous site did not allow for online ordering, which meant you either had to go through Amazon (in a system that didn't always work) or order by mail. 

My book on Page of Madness was published by the CJS, and so was the Research Guide to Japanese Film Studies that I co-wrote with Markus Nornes. I also have an article in Television, Japan, and Globalization. But the press has also put out a number of other important works on Japanese film, such as Tom Lamarre's study of Tanizaki and film and Yoshida Kiju's Ozu's Anti-Cinema

I am of course eager to enter the Pet of the Month contest. 

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